Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Communicate Openly and Directly Part 1

Employers and employees alike share a common complaint – the need for better communication in their organizations.
  • Good communication can only thrive in the right climate – one that nourishes rather than stifles.
  • The secret to any type of communication is trust.  We must communicate honestly.  Good communication is about feeling good about ourselves. 
Styles of Communication
  • To build a climate of trust and keep relationships strong and healthy, both parties must commit to being direct with one another.  All forms of manipulation, threats, gossip, tattling, intimidation, and behind-the-back game playing must be eliminated in order for trusting relationships to exist.
  • There are 4 styles of communication.  Each time we communicate in any way, we choose one of these styles.  Often, employees say, "I don't consciously decide how to communicate – I just do it."  Unfortunately, most people have not been taught the basic skills of communication and are therefore unaware of the options they have.  Once we learn about these styles, we will be more in control of what we say and how we react.
  • The 4 styles are:
    • Assertive: straightforward, honest, caring, reliable
    • Aggressive: loud, angry, attacking, whining, guilt-inducing, manipulative
    • Passive: timid, avoiding, tentative, nonresponsive, frightened
    • Passive/Aggressive: guilt-inducing, dishonest, underhanded, sniping, devious

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