Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Five Ways Managers Can Increase Employee Engagement by Rachel Stones, Guest Author

Are your employees going through the motions each day, or perhaps they’re simply doing enough to get by?  These are common traits of disengaged employees found in most workplaces across the world.  Disengaged employees are not invested in their work which can be manifested in their attitudes and the quality of their work.  So, how can companies turn disengaged employees into engaged ones?  The key is to start with management.

Management can set the overall tone in the workplace, especially where employee engagement is involved.  Read on for tips to help your leadership increase employee engagement.

Set the Example

Years ago, I saw a poster that read, “Attitudes are contagious; is yours worth catching?”  I feel this mantra is particularly applicable in the workplace.  Managers can set the example for their employees in just about every facet of the workplace, including habits, attire, attitude, and more.
If managers come into the office late and leave early, then their employees will be inclined to do likewise.  If the manager is pessimistic about the company trajectory, then employees might be inclined to feel similarly.
On the other hand, good managers work as hard as those who work for them.  They show up on time or in a lot of cases, early.  They are excited about the work they do, and that excitement spreads through their teams.  If your company leadership has a positive outlook and is always looking for ways to improve, that same attitude can impact employees.

Give Frequent and Consistent Feedback

Managers who frequently and consistently meet with their employees to give them feedback have employees who are more engaged, according to a report issued by Zenger Folkman. However, the feedback needs to be sincere and detailed to have the maximum effect.  Managers who develop a good relationship with their employees and who regularly provide constructive feedback give employees the information they need to change, improve, and succeed.

Recognize and Show Appreciation

A study by BambooHR showed the number one reason employees left a company when leaving because of their boss was due to their boss taking credit for their work.  Managers should avoid taking credit for their teams’ work at all costs, and the best way to do that is to develop a habit of recognizing and showing appreciation for your employees.
Managers can do this in a variety of ways.  Thank-you notes, verbal recognition (private and public), are examples that can help your employees feel valued and encouraged to continue producing great work.

Enable and Empower

Have you ever tried to plant a garden without any gardening tools?  It’s doable, but it’s much more time-efficient when you’re equipped with the right tools. The same principle applies in the workplace.  If your employee prefers working on a Mac versus a PC, buy him/her a Mac. If you want your employees to be innovative, then encourage (and fund) participation in additional educational opportunities related to the industry.  Enable and empower your employees by giving them right tools and opportunities to grow.

Encourage Involvement

Whether it’s a company barbecue or a client meet-and-greet, employees who are involved with their company daily are more inclined to be engaged.  Managers can set the example by their own participation, but they can also extend invitations and encourage their employees to be involved.

The Takeaway

Having engaged employees means having workers who are actively involved in the workplace.  Engaged employees are more productive and concerned about their own contributions as well as the performance of the company.  Management can play a key role in the engagement of company employees.  Share these tips with leadership to help guide them as they lead and manage their teams to success. 

Guest Author Bio

Rachel Stones loves to share business and HR tips with entrepreneurs.  She writes for Objective App Development the creators of Built for Teams, a complete HR system tailored specifically to the needs of small and medium sized businesses.  She also enjoys creative writing, gardening, and spending time with her family.

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