Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Job Search Networking Skills

Efficient networking can be the difference between applying for a job and applying and getting the job. Begin by talking to family members and friends. Make phone calls, and catch up on their news. Ask them with genuine interest how they are and what they have been doing. Let them know your plans and how excited you are about the opportunities that are opening up to you. Ask them to keep an eye out for anyone who may need someone with your skills and abilities. 

Greet neighbors who may be out in their yard. Stop by, and say "hi." Ask questions about their family and work life. Let them know about your plans to seek a new career direction. Ask them to let you know of any opportunities that may present themselves for a person with your qualifications. 

Make a list of everyone you know. Use the numbers in your cell phone and any other address book. Consult rosters and directories of religious organizations and rotary clubs. Talk with other parents at local PTA meetings. Make a target goal to share your vision and goal with at least 10 people per day. 

While you are doing the work of networking, make sure you carry business cards wherever you go. Make exchanging business cards a normal part of your day. Say something such as, “let me leave you with my contact information. If you hear of any opportunities like the ones we have been talking about, please let me know.” Be receptive if they wish to exchange cards with you as well. 

Avoid talking about the reason for leaving your last position or how long you have been unemployed. Also, it is not productive to talk about economic needs and the stress you are going through while you are looking for a job. The focus needs to be on communicating your positive vision for your future.

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Sheryl Tuchman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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