Friday, September 23, 2016

Diversity: Change Strategies

Most of us have some skills already in place that help us manage diversity well and some areas which we need to develop.  If we target the areas we need to develop and then create an action plan to meet those specific needs, we are much more likely to succeed.
First, rate yourself on how you currently perform in each of the 5 skill areas below.  "5" indicates the highest rating, and "1," the lowest.
Empower Others
1.   I share power.
2.   I share information.
3.   I solicit input.
4.   I reward people.
5.   I manage more as a colleague than as a boss.
6.   I encourage participation.
7.   I share accountability.

Develop Others
8.   I coach others.
9.   I model desired behaviors.
10. I mentor others.
11. I provide opportunities for others to grow.
12. I delegate responsibility fully to those qualified to do the work.
13. I question and counsel employees on their interests, preferences, and careers.     
14. I work to individualize training needs.

Value Diversity
15. I know my own assets, liabilities, and biases.
16. I see diversity as an asset.
17. I understand diverse cultural practices.
18. I facilitate integration among people.
19. I help others identify their needs and options.

Work for Change
20. I support employees by adapting policies, systems
and practices to help meet their needs.
21. I identify and influence organizational change.

Communicate Responsibly
22. I clearly communicate expectations.
23. I ask questions to increase my understanding.
25. I develop clarity across cultures and language differences.
26. I provide ongoing feedback with sensitivity to individual differences.

Now, identify three areas in which you have rated yourself relatively low.  Choose those areas in which you would like to develop or enhance your ability to manage the diverse workforce.  Click here for a Managing Diversity Development Plan template.

Until next time...

Sheryl Tuchman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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