Monday, May 16, 2016

Hiring - Multiple Interviews

Depending on the level of the open position, you may wish to conduct more than 1 in-person interview.  Multiple interviews are becoming more common today since there are so many well-qualified candidates from which to choose, making the decision that much more difficult.

Subsequent interviews help you to get to know your candidates better.  Determine who is best qualified and will work best with the team.  After narrowing the candidates to between 2 and 5, compile a list of outstanding questions or additional information you would like to obtain.  Preparation for the second interview is just as important as it was for the first.  Your objectives are to devote time to getting to know the candidate better, find out how interested he/she is in the position, and determine if the candidate would fit well with your team.  If there are other employees involved in the hiring process that were not present during the first interview, the second interview would be a good opportunity to visit with the others.

Before calling any of your candidates, decide when the interviews will take place.  Schedule them as soon as possible after the first interview and preferably all on the same day or on two days.

Tips for the second interview
  • Reserve time to review your notes from the first interview.
  • Review the resume again.
  • Compile a list of outstanding questions or additional details.  
  • Have candidate interface with other decision makers if appropriate.  
  • Ask behavioral-based questions: "Tell me about a time when... "  
  • Consider a panel interview if there are multiple decision makers.
  • Consider aptitude testing or behavioral assessments.  
  • Consider a business luncheon in a less formal environment.  
  • Provide the candidate with a tour of the facilities.
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Sheryl Tuchman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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