Sunday, January 16, 2011

Culture in a High Performance Organization

What is the culture in your organization?  What are the shared values, attitudes, and practices?

Culture is not easy to change. The challenge is to find ways of adapting to changing business demands without destroying the core of the culture. To do this, you must understand your current culture and build on it.

Think about what people like about the organization.  What are their greatest concerns?  What do they like and dislike most about their jobs?  What are some management practices and attitudes?  How about worker attitudes and practices?  What are the core beliefs in your organization?

The answers to these questions are a summary of the culture.  What is good, and what needs to change?  How can you build upon what is good?  What will happen if there are no changes made and things keep going the way they are now?

Remember our definition of High Performance:  "A culture in which all employees feel and act like partners in the business and are excited to contribute to its success".  What can you and your team do to move toward a culture of High Performance?

Until next time...

Sheryl Tuchman