Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coaching Customer Service

All members of an organization deliver customer service.  As managers and supervisors, we must monitor the quality of our service delivery and the quality of service provided by our staff.  Customer service leadership includes how and when we "coach" our employees or coworkers to be better service providers.

A customer service coach is one who proactively guides individuals and teams in successful delivery of customer-focused service.  The purpose of coaching is to:
  • Increase or improve the skills of poor performers
  • Leverage the strengths of stable performers
  • Challenge and stretch skills of your high performers
In each coaching situation, the "coach" has an opportunity to assist employees with various facets of their work performance.  Each coaching opportunity can involve more than one issue such as employee development, improved customer service skills, or role modeling by the coach.

Coaching is a professional development tool that encourages action based on an individual's increased self-awareness.  Through on-going conversations between a coach/supervisor and the employee, synergy is created, resulting in the person being coached reaching exponentially greater solutions than working on his or her own.

Do you have opportunities to coach your team members?  As you do so and continue to perfect your skills, you will see additional improvement and proficiency in your staff.  You will also be able to see improved customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

Until next time...

Sheryl Tuchman