Saturday, March 6, 2010

Building Trust

What does trust mean to you?  Our definition is "confidence in your relationships with others."  When you have high confidence (high trust) in your work relationships, yours can become a high-performing team and organization.

All of us have felt vulnerable before -- dependent upon someone else and open to being hurt or burned.  When that happens, let's suppose you take a risk, sharing and opening yourself up to the other person.  He/she responds with respect, and your relationship is strengthened.  Your desire to share more or risk more goes up too.  The next time you feel vulnerable again, you are likely to take a risk because you have had a good experience.

What happens, though, if one day you open yourself up but get stabbed in the back?  Your confidence goes down and your relationship is weakened.  It will take a long time to build back the trust you had established if that can be done at all.

Remember that one negative incident can undo many, many positive ones.  In order to build trust, you need to respond with respect, confidence, and appreciation.

Until next time...

Sheryl Tuchman