Monday, May 6, 2024


Making yourself available to your employees is another vital aspect of building trust. This can be tricky, however, and you have to use good judgment in determining how available you need to make yourself in order to avoid micromanaging. Nevertheless, you should always allow some time where employees can approach you. If an employee feels you are unapproachable or feels intimidated, this can create a situation in which you are the last to know about something important going on. While you want to encourage employees not to rely too heavily on you, you also want employees to feel they can come to you when they need to do so. Striking the correct balance can take time and can vary from employee to employee. Some employees may develop better confidence in themselves by being left to their own devices. Others, particularly new employees, might need your presence a bit more, but it’s best to think of yourself in this situation as being like training wheels on a bicycle. At some point, the training wheels need to come off. Even then; however, your employees will trust you more knowing that you will figuratively "catch them if they fall" by being supportive and constructive.

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Sheryl Tuchman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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