Monday, October 29, 2018

Effective Complaint Handling Part 8

  • The Complaints Handling Process is a business critical component and as such needs to be validated through testing   This can be achieved through:
    • Dummy complaints being followed through the process
    • Mystery complainers who will have their experience documented and provide feedback
    • Examining the level of knowledge of the process within the organization
  • The process testing will be made more effective by:
    • Process mapping the stages involved
    • Identifying the critical points within the process
    • Checking that they are functional under a range of conditions - both internal and external
    • Making recommendations for improvement and implementing them in the process. This can be achieved through the PDCA cycle
  • Auditing the Process:  check your process for
    • Ownership / Responsibility are clearly defined
    • Adherence to standards
    • Completion of activity
    • Implementation of findings
    • Communication - both internally and externally
  • The complaints handling process should be audited  This would allow:
    • Problems to be highlighted
    • Best practices to be praised
    • Improvements to be suggested
    • External validation of the process
  • To audit the process you can:
    • Question staff re: their knowledge of the procedure for handling complaints
    • Review past complaints
      • Document review
      • Customer feedback
  • The audit may be carried out by:
    • Internal auditors who work in the organization
    • Customers who wish to see how the process has been working
    • Third party auditors who are auditing to check performance in terms of compliance with a recognized quality standard such as ISO9001
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Sheryl Tuchman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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