Monday, February 21, 2011

Change and The Unknown

Change is one of the most urgent issues facing organizations as well as individuals today.  Today's employees rarely answer "no" when asked if they are experiencing change in their organizations.  As the workforce and customer base continue to change and evolve, there is an ever-growing need for effective leadership of change.  Skill development takes time and effort but increases your personal effectiveness and value to your organization.

It is important to remember that people facing change are being asked to deal with the unknown.  The leader is the one who provides the vision of the future; who inspires people's confidentce that the future, after the change, will be better than today; and who shows that he or she knows how to get to the destination.  People are more receptive to change if they are clear about the organization's vision, have the necessary skills, and are motivated to accept and implement the change.  Howver, people will always be concerned about the impact of a change on them personally.  Anticipating and responding to these concerns can lesson, and in many cases, resolve them.

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Sheryl Tuchman, SPHR

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