Friday, January 30, 2009

Drip Marketing at its Best!

Content Marketing Mistakes Made by Marketers

  1. They give up on the content program too quickly. It takes some time to build a real relationship with customers. Some corporations start a newsletter or blog and expect magic to happen in three months. Usually doesn’t happen. Content marketing must be consistently delivered in order to really build a relationship.

  2. They don’t understand the informational needs of the customer.

  3. They don’t ask for help. Many companies leave this to internal marketing or pr people. Many times these people can’t take their sales hats off – so the content isn’t perceived as valuable to the customers.

  4. They don’t integrate the content program with their overall marketing. In many companies, a corporate magazine, newsletter or e-newsletter seems to fall outside of the other marketing initiatives. Integrating both can be powerful.

  5. They see social media as just another distribution channel for selling – and don’t see it as an opportunity to get closer to customers and begin to better understand their needs.

  6. They don’t plan. You need to plan out good content and not just rush to get content out when you see an opportunity. Editorial calendar anyone?

When you are creating your drip marketing program, here are a few things to think about:


  • How do we want the customer to feel?
  • What effect must we achieve with them?
  • What action do we want them to take?
  • How will we measure their behavior?
  • How will we put them on the path to purchase?


  • What do our buyers really need to know?
  • What will provide the most benefit personally or professionally?
  • How can we present the content for maximum positive impact?
  • What media types must we include based on our current/near future customer behavior?


  • Does this content marketing effort help us achieve our strategic goals?
  • Does it integrate with our other strategic initiatives?


  • Have we precisely indentified the prospects we want to target?
  • Do we really understand what motivates them?
  • Do we understand their professional roles?


  • Create content that is bite-sized and has handles, meaning that people can share it and make it actionable. "People don't read Moby Dick anymore!"

  • Go niche - the smaller the better...and easier to solve your customer's informational needs.

  • Call your customers - find out what their challenges are so you can better share relevant content with them.

  • Listen first.

  • Just starting? Get a nice bed of content that will form the base of your site after you've listened.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

    Until next time...

    Sheryl Tuchman